Business and Technology Division

The Business and Technology Division prepares students for entry into the job market and gives them a firm academic base for continuing their education at a four-year college or university. Advisory committees made up of business and industry representatives ensure state-of-the-art curricula and up-to-date information. Faculty members have real-world experience that offers students realistic professional guidance.


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Business and Technology Office
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 2E06
(630) 942-2592

Business and Technology Division Contact Information

Faculty Spotlight

  • Felix Davis

    Felix DavisComputer and Internetworking Technologies

    "Teaching is a way to stay engaged with cutting-edge technologies and embrace inevitable change while giving back to future generations all at the same time. I hope my students take away an interactive learning experience with a real-world understanding of how technology works and impacts the everyday life of everyone."

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  • Carol Carlson-Nofsinger

    Carol Carlson-NofsingerParalegal Studies

    “I tell my students regularly that an education is never wasted, even though they may end up pursuing other careers and goals unrelated to their discipline.”

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  • Matt Shanahan

    Matt ShanahanAutomotive Technology

    "Seeing a student come in knowing very little about cars and then graduating a completely different person is what inspires me to improve what I do every day."

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  • Sam Shamsuddin

    Sam ShamsuddinComputer Information Systems

    Teaching, to me, means sharing, interacting and exchanging knowledge with students. I learn many things from students as well. Teaching empowers me to continue learning."

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  • Judy Burgholzer

    Judy BurgholzerHorticulture

    "Most of our students come to us with a passion for horticulture. What I hope they take away is a good, strong foundation of the basic principles of horticulture to help fuel that passion."

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  • Rukshad Patel

    Rukshad PatelAccounting

    "In many ways, a classroom is a microcosm of the real world, and it is important for my students to acquire a range of real-world habits while studying Accounting so that the eventual transition from school to industry is smoothly exhilarating."

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  • Mary Beth Leone

    Mary Beth LeoneHospitality Management

    "The more I get to know (my students), the better I am in understanding what they need. Each individual needs something different from their teacher, and it is up to the educator to figure out what that is."

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