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The History program at College of DuPage provides students with core courses that explore humankind's economic, political and cultural heritage. These courses serve as a foundation for continuing historical study at a baccalaureate-granting school, for meeting the Humanities and International Studies General Education requirements for an associate's degree, or for personal enrichment. While applicable for students with all career interests, history courses are particularly useful for students who intend to work in government, education, legal and social fields, and business and industry.

The History program centers on these survey courses: History of Western Civilization and History of the United States. Students often elect to complete both courses in a survey; however, those with a special interest can choose any one of the survey courses separately.

History courses are offered in a variety of specialized areas that address the history of other continents. Offerings include the history and culture of England, East Asia, Africa, India, China, Japan, Russia and Latin America. The History program also includes courses on the history of Illinois and the history of DuPage County.

The foundation courses for a student who intends to be a history major, (History 1110, 1120, 1130 and 1140), are all available in alternative delivery formats either in the Center for Independent Learning and/or through Online Courses over the Internet. Alternative delivery formats are suitable for students who, for professional or personal reasons, are unable to attend classes in person. Success in alternative delivery formats is dependent upon solid reading and writing skills, and strong motivation. Classroom learning is more suitable for most students.

Program Requirements

The following files describe in detail the requirements for this program.   Please consult a faculty member listed below before beginning your coursework.


  • History, Associate in Arts

When planning your coursework, use the Student Planning Worksheet. Degree information and the worksheet can be found on the following files:
Student Planning Worksheet


If you are considering this program as an area of study, consult with a faculty member in this field. To send an email, click on the name of the faculty member you wish to reach:

  • Brian MoranBerg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 2433D
    (630) 942-3044
  • John ParisBerg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 2433F
     (630) 942-2064
  • Ben WhisenhuntBerg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 2433C
    (630) 942-3144

If you are unable to contact a faculty member, messages may be left with the Liberal Arts Division, Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 2E06, (630) 942-2047 or at MAC 208, (630) 942-3007.


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