Student Spotlight: Habib Ansari

Habib Ansari

Habib Ansari
Major: Architecture

Habib Ansari knew that attending College of DuPage was the best economical path to take toward a college degree, even though he was accepted at several universities.

But he also wanted to challenge himself, and he knew the Architecture program would do just that.

“The Architecture program at COD is perhaps the best one at a two-year institution, and I wanted to experience the intensity of it as a way to prepare myself for the future,” he said.

Before starting college, Ansari took second place in a regional architecture design competition as a high school student. While his fellow competitors worked on their projects under the guidance of their drafting teachers, Ansari worked at home on weekends because his high school didn't offer a senior-level drafting class.

This disadvantage, combined with his award, fueled his incentive to pursue a career in architecture.

“COD prepared me for a strong future in the field of Architecture, has given me confidence in my work, and has brought out qualities in myself that I did not even know I had,” he said. “College of DuPage gave me a chance to really improve my skills and have an added edge when I transferred.”

While at COD, Ansari won the Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship, and he was honored at the annual MLK Breakfast co-sponsored by College of DuPage and Benedictine University.

“When I got the letter in the mail informing me that I won, I was in shock,” he said. “I did not find out about the scholarship until a few weeks before it was due. I quickly asked my professor, Kim Groesbeck, to write a letter of recommendation, and she wrote a very passionate piece. I honestly did not think I had won, but it was a tremendous honor.”

Ansari transferred to IIT in 2015 and is pursuing his bachelor’s degree, after which he will obtain his license as an architect.

“My dream is to have my own firm. I want to design efficient buildings and I am very interested in environmental sciences,” he said. “But I also desire to educate as well. Thanks to College of DuPage, I am stronger as a student and as a person.”

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