Student Spotlight: Kai Libby

Student Spotlight: Kai Libby

Kai Libby

Major: Chemistry/EMT

Kai Libby pursued a bachelor’s degree in Applied Health Science at Wheaton College and supplemented his studies at College of DuPage.

He also completed EMT training at COD after witnessing several tragic situations involving people close to him. More recently, he decided to study chemistry because it is the science that intrigued and challenged him the most.

“Many years ago, COD first introduced me to the rigor of college classes. I'll always be thankful for that,” he said. “Then COD gave me the opportunity to study chemistry, a passion of mine. It’s a love-hate relationship that I haven’t been able to get away from.”

In 2016, through College of DuPage, Libby embarked on an internship at Hope College in Michigan, where he sharpened his understanding of chemistry as well as his mind. His project centered around the use of a new device on Hope's campus called the particle induced X-ray emission machine.

Libby is now at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, where he is finishing his Master of Science in Management of Bioeconomy, Innovation and Governance. He recently turned in his dissertation on the development of a business strategy for the Science and Innovation department within Biovac, a vaccine manufacturing company located in Cape Town. Libby was invited for a placement with them for three weeks, during which he conducted 18 interviews with the CEO, COO, senior scientists, department heads, finance officers, shareholders and local stakeholders.

Currently, he is talking to several pharmaceutical and biotech companies about acquiring a position as a project/policy manager, regulatory analyst or research collaboration liaison. Eventually he would like to manage a biotechnology company striving to find natural medical answers to various human diseases. 

Libby appreciates how his studies at College of DuPage have helped prepare him for the future.

“College of DuPage has so much to offer if you take advantage of the opportunities,” he said. “The professors I’ve had are all impressively dedicated to teaching and helping you get to where you want to go. I have yet to leave a class disappointed or frustrated.”

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