Student Spotlight: Patricia Rohan

Patricia Rohan

Patricia Rohan
Major: Radiography

Patricia Rohan took her first class at COD in Spring of 1991 after graduating high school early.

Exactly 20 years later, she graduated in 2011 with an Associate’s in Applied Science degree in Diagnostic Medical Imaging -- Radiography.

“Somewhere in between then and now, I earned bachelor and master’s degrees from Eastern Illinois University and always took at least one summer course at COD for the convenience and savings it afforded me,” she said. “I started a promising career in corporate and higher education but was faced with a long journey of health setbacks that forced my career to the back burner.”

For 10 years, Rohan wanted to return to school to enter the health care field. Finally, everything came together and she made an easy choice to return to COD.

“I looked at several programs and schools in the metro area and decided on COD for its convenient location, affordable tuition and excellent reputation for health care programs,” she said. “The DMIR program has been by far the most challenging of my college career but has been equally rewarding. I have been consistently impressed with the knowledge, expertise and career guidance from all of the instructors in the program. 

“I am also grateful for the many friends and colleagues I have met at COD and through my clinical site. One of the great things about a community college and the DMIR program is the diverse age group and population I have worked and studied with. I have no doubt many of these friendships will last a lifetime.”

In addition, Rohan has been fortunate enough to earn several Foundation scholarships, including the Returning Adult scholarship.

As for her career, Rohan feels like the sky's the limit. She started working at Hinsdale Hospital as a registry tech and temporarily filled in as the clinical instructor for radiography for three months. She then worked on a special project at the hospital as it transitioned from written physician orders to computer order entry. Finally, she was officially hired full time.

“I love the hospital setting, working with the public and seeing the constant technologic advances in the medical community,” she said. “Medical Imaging is a very dynamic field, so I don’t see myself getting bored with it anytime in the near future. I love my job and feel like a veteran already. The job is interesting every day, and meeting new people and working all over the hospital are two of my favorite parts of the job!

“I also have a love for higher education and teaching in general, and perhaps the two will come together in the future and I can teach in conjunction with maintaining a position in the medical community. I am serving on the DMIR Advisory Committee, which is an exciting opportunity to meet with radiologists, instructors, current and former students, and other technologists in the field who are committed to making the DMIR program the best that it can be. This will also allow me to continue working with instructors and being a part of the College. Anything is possible!”

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